Organic Export

Natural bee honey is a unique product. It has passed all technological revolutions and now collected and consumed in the same way as it did thousands years ago. But the amount of harmful substances that can get to it as a result of human activity and pollution of nature has also significantly increased.

Therefore, for us, the most relevant question in honey production is the quality and safety of our products. That’s  why we have created an Analytical Research Center with, advanced, High-precision equipment and analytical tools that allow us to perform a whole series of research on one of the best and useful beekeeping products.

We carefully check our honey for all quality indicators including sucrose, fructose, invertase and safety performance on a modern Chromatographic Complex with Waters Zevo TQD mass detector. We would like to single out our latest research into the geographical authenticity of honey on a digital microscope and create a catalog of collected honey.

Strategic Mission

The Strategic Mission of the Research Center is to carry out scientific and methodological support of activities on quality and safety of food products, monitoring of products in the chain "from field to table", use of advanced scientific researches, creation of innovative methodological developments in the field of analytical and applied chemistry.

Research Center Professional Team:

is a guarantee of a high level quality product research and obtaining technically sound, impartial results;

it is fullfiment of the company’s needs and other interested parties in obtaining objective, qualified research results in accordance with national and international standards that characterize the safety and quality of honey;

it is the achievement and support of a high level qualification and organization of activity, competence and independence, which would meet customers requirements and expectations.

We are confident that working with us will ensure that all our clients will meet their expectations of obtaining reliable research results, qualified expertise, and the desire for further long-term collaboration.

Our success is ensured by our constant improvement !!!