Organic Export

Before the honey is delievered to our foreign clients, it passes the careful procedure of its selection, testing and processing. Everything starts with a visual audit of the apiary of the Ukrainian beekeeper and honey samples collection.

Collected samples are analyzed for safety and quality indicators in the Research Center, where, based on the results of the analysis, a decision is made on its purchase and transportation to the production site.

Our production plant is one of the most important element in the honey export process. Modern new, opened in 2015, is equipped with the latest equipment, that allows us to achieve the highest quality of our product. We use a unique, gentle processing technology of short term heating, that guarantees minimal impact on enzymes activity and HMF levels. This ensures the preservation of the naturalness and beneficial values of true Ukrainian honey. We process honey in accordance with food safety standards, we certified to ISO 22000 and HACCP in place.